Coping Skills for Purging Urges

The 15 Minute Rule

The 15 minute rule is one of my favorite coping skills for purging urges.

Basically, this coping skill requires you to set a timer for 15 and not purge for those 15 minutes. When the timer is up, if you’re still having urges, set the timer for another 15 minutes. Keep setting timers until the urges eventually subside.


Spend time with friends while you’re eating and one hour afterwards. During this time, ask your friends to not let you go to the bathroom. This will keep you accountable and prevent you from purging.

Keep a Counter Going

Download a day counting app to your phone. DayCount is the one I use (no, they’re not paying me to say that). Log the last time you purged. This way you’ll be able to keep up with your no purging streaks, and it will motivate you to not break those streaks.

Eat Foods That are Hard to Purge

Try to eat foods that are more difficult to throw up to discourage you from purging. Some of these foods include bread and spicy foods.

Use a Peppermint After Eating

The nausea and feeling of fullness after eating usually leads to purging, so why not stop that feeling from occurring? Eating a peppermint after a meal can help to settle your stomach to decrease the feeling of urgency to purge.

Please try to refrain from purging because it is very damaging to your health. If you have any other suggestions for coping skills, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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